Cat-and-the-Hack Angband


October 24, 2003

I apologize for the lack of updates. I've been busy with school. Mac ports (OS X, PPC, and 68K) of CatH 3.0.3 mysteriously appeared recently. I'm not sure who made them, but thank you, whoever you are. They are available on the Downloads page. If you are (or know) the person who did these ports, feel free to email me so I can give that person due credit. I've been attempting to fix a peculiar bug that affects compiling from source in Linux. Until I find a fix, simply commenting out the offending lines should work. Thanks, once again, to Manuel Lanctôt for making me aware of this problem.

September 17, 2003

The Downloads page has been updated with the latest versions of all CatH ports. I want to thank Manuel Lanctôt for doing the Windows port of 3.0.3. Hopefully, most of the other ports will be done in the coming weeks.

September 13, 2003

The web site has been beefed up a bit. I'm still waiting for all the friendly porters out there to make CatH binaries. Hopefully, they'll be available soon.

September 12, 2003

Release! The source version of CatH-Angband 3.0.3 is now available from the project filelist. Get it now! Hopefully it will be ported to all the various platforms soon.

September 1, 2003

Since I announced that I would be updating CatH-Angband to 3.0.3 on two weeks ago, I have come a long way in implementing CatH's features. I have already implemented CatH's three races (kobolds became part of vanilla Angband in 3.0), ranged weapons of ammunition, most of the interface tweaks, diving to level 9999, and the CatH critical hit system. In addition, I've begun to rewrite this web site. Hopefully, the final product will be a bit less plain than what you see here right now.